About us

Our cattery exists since 2010, but with many years of international experience. How this works? Quite simple, you take a Dutchman with 15 years of experience in Burmese breeding, a German cat lover with her two sons and sent them to a Burmese cat show.  ...è voila, the foundation for a new Burmese cattery is made.

It isn´t difficult to believe that in a short time after, a Burmese couple made there entry in our home. Unfortunately our stud Jesse James von Folofena was not allowed to mate with our Amy von Ladies View. But as live goes, Rob´s Burmese couple (A red stud and a lilac-tortie female) from the Netherlands moved temporarily into our home and so started our Burmese breeding. Who comes to visit us now in Plettenberg, will find themselves in the midst of Burmese cats.

This is our place where we live

This is how our cats are living