G- litter

 If you´re interested in one of our "Von Rackersville Kittens" we can put you on a waitinglist for our I-Litter. Further information can be found by clicking on the link H- litter

Hier geht es zu den Kitten

This is how our kitten grow up during the first 12 weeks:

  • In the first 2 weeks we have the mother and her kittens in our bedroom. During the night our door is closed to seperate her from the other adult cats. This is just to prevent overfilling in the litterbox.
  • In week 3+4 we move the kittens and their mother into our livingroom. The adults can get in and out but the kitten stay in a demarcated area and their litterbox. During the night the the doors of our livingroom are closed to keep the seperation between the adult and the mother with her kittens. After week 4 all doors are open for the adult cats during the night.
  • As of week 7 we allow the kittens to explore the diningroom and the kitchen. Of course all adults can go everywhere.
  • As of week 9 the house is free for all cats. This means, searching kitten everywhere in the house.

The weight of our kittens is checked every day for the first weeks after their birth. We have fixed feeding times to get them used to the daily rituals. We spend a lot of time with our kittens to get them used to all kind of noises. They also learn to become familiar with the carrybox as well as getting used to the friends of ours sons. The kittens have enough place for running, playing and climbing. They therefore already have a good musculature when they leave our home.


If you found the right burmese kitten (most of the time the kitten finds you) and you feel happy, when you´re excited and can´t wait to take your new kitten home, than that is the moment where we, as breeder, are happy that our burmese found a wonderfull new home.