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The slogan of the BurmaZZG:
Kindly to cats
Kindly to Cat Fanciers
Kindly to other breeders

For cat fanciers of burmese cats it´s often difficult to find serious breeders on the internet due to the fact that there is no general tranparency in cat breeding. In Germany we have for more than 200 cat associations and even more catbreeders. Those who are interested in buying a burmese cat often see only nice pictures and depend on the presentation of a breeder.

That is where we put a lot of value. The certified BZZG would like to offer tranparancy for those who use the internet to find a burmese and of course for those who want to buy a burmese cat. Certified BZZG-breeders breed with only healthy and proper held cats, give the guarantee for with love raising the kittens and growth breeding within the family. The buyer may, on request, also ask the breeder to show him the required information about the burmese kittens. A five-star system gives a guarantee towards the buyer that the breeder is breeding seriously and take his responsabilities.
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Gool of the BZZG is to keep the genpool, to enlarge and to improve the vitality of the burmese. In this way burmese cats are being selectively imported from other countries or continents to refresh the genpool and to exchange kittens among the breeders or to have the queens mated with the variety of studs. In this way the breeders keep their bloodlines healthy and try to keep the inbreeding as less as possible. The breeding concept is based on scientific knowledge. The genepool of the BZZG is based on european, scandinavian, australian and african lines and has therefore a large diversity of genetic lines.

Due to the fact that all countries and continents have different opinions about how the appearance of a burmese should be, you will find different "types" of burmese. The "perfect" burmese is often characterized for catshows. Meaning, The best burmese is the winner. The BZZG has it´s first priority on health and not a burmese with the roundest head or the shortest nose. Due to, for example a lot of inbreeding, to meet the catshow characteristics, it will lead to genitical defects. 
The BZZG has a database that doesn´t only store pedigrees but also stores information about genetical defects or calculates the inbreeding coefficient. With all this information we are able to secure all information and be selective in breeding. In this way the BZZG enters a new direction to improve the health of the burmese. We only want the best for our cats and our cat fanciers!