The Burmese is a very people-oriented, affectionate and playful cat. She loves the company of people, other dogs, and dogs. She is extremely intelligent and docile, many Burmese cats fetch her ​​toys.
When a man talks to them, is also shared by the Burmese with you. Becomes valid when a real conversation, one gets the impression to speak the same language. A Burma is the perfect cat for children and seniors, she is affectionate but not stressful and carefully. Although it is very robust, they do not like long to be alone! So who is away from the office or has little time for the cat should, in any case, the purchase of a second cat can consider. When is a dog in the house already, this is certainly the best friend of this exceptional breed of cat.







This breed of cat has Asian origin. She is from Burma, now Myanmar. There, she was worshiped by the temple scholars as lucky cat. However, it is referred to as the American breed cat because she was first bred in America. In 1930, a Tonkanesin was imported to America and started the Burmesenzucht. Mainly it is bred in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. But in Europe, there are now more and more Burmese lover. The first bred in Germany Burmese saw on 30 September 1970 in Cologne at the breeder Hanns Ullrich (Agrippa's) the light of day. Why it is relatively unknown in Germany today still is, on the one hand due to the few Burmese breeders, on the other hand the lack of adequate measures that the Burma them famous as a unique being. The Whiskas advertising (called British-haired, blue and "Carthusians"), for example, is a huge demand of BKH according to the Burma gezogen.Würde similar with their excellent properties public, would the Burmese safely enjoy a higher popularity.


Burma is the most durable of all cat breeds. The average age is 17 years with state. With 20 years or more are not uncommon. In the context of Burma is often described as "allergic cats." The fact is that this breed has a tight fitting short, silky, shiny coat, which almost does not like sheds. Many cat allergies do not respond to Burmese cats are allergic. Since hair allergies too but have different characteristics, should be allowed to safety before making a test Burma once.



Burma is their exceptionally shiny coat. The texture is extremely difficult to describe, most likely it probably resembles the silky fur of a lynx. It requires no maintenance, stroking is necessarily desirable! The shades of color that reflect differently depending on the light, you will find with any other breed. To blue, Seal (Brown), Chocolate, Cream, Lilac, Red and Tortyvarianten recognized. Furthermore, the colors Cinnamon, Fawn, and silver versions and Ticked Tabby It also reflects.