Our previous Litters

E-Litter - born at 15.10 2012

Darwin of Brilliant Silk     &     Cirmi von Rackersville


He is brown and she is chocolate ticked tabby, she became 5 kittens.  unfortunately the first kitten died during the birth.

to the galery the text is in german

D-Litter - born at 15.10 2012

Silk von Monkstone    +  Gaylee von Rackersville


He is red and she chocolate tortie, she became 4 kittens.

 to the galery the text is in german

C-Litter - born at 05.12.2011

Jesse James von Folofena + Gaylee von Rackersville


He is chocolate ticked tabby and she chocolate tortie.

She became 7 kittens.

The litter got "best Litter" , 2x " Best in Show" and 2x "Best in Variety" 

Cirmi, one of the kittens, stays with us in our cattery.   

to the galery  the text is in german

B-Litter - born at: 24.01.2011

Tai-Hao Groovy   +    Amy of Ladies View  


He is red and she red silver. She became 4 kittens. The litter became

"Best Litter" on the catshow.

 to the galery the text is in german

A-Litter - born at: 25.12.2010

 Tai-Hao Groovy    +    Tai-Hao Hayna  


They come from Finnland, he is red and she lilac tortie. In their first litter they only got 1 kitten= Gaylee our breading cat. 

After this litter we startet with the breading.  

At the A litter she became  7 kittens.

to the galery the text is in german